L’arte di Maschera – The Art of the Masque

The Idea

In 2005 Karneval was founded by two sisters with the idea that masques should be designed like a fashion accessory.  An elegant keepsake you could wear again and again – like a great pair of shoes.

We focused first on comfort. 

We decided on the traditional use of paper for our masques, because it is a lightweight material.  Next we needed the base to be durable, so it could be worn.  We searched for a coating that would enhance the brilliance of our paints without yellowing (antiquing) or becoming brittle over time.  The result is a flexible, lightweight, glass-like coating and a very comfortable, ‘wearable’ masque base.  

     'As with any fine fashion accessory, when equal attention is given to fit, comfort and wear-ability, the result is a product of exceptional design and construction.  One that looks and feels great on the wearer!'

Once we had that down, we could begin designing masque accessories.

The idea of removable feathers opened a whole new concept of adding things to a masque.  Feathers, flowers, bows.  Now you could have one great fitting, great looking masque and by simply adding a new clip you could have a new look.  You can use the clip with or without your masque.

A great masque base needs equivalent embellishments and we spared no expense. 

Hand selected feathers, Swarovski crystals, and designer fabrics ensure our masques will look great for years.  The Swiss ribbons are removable, adjustable, washable, and can be changed to match other accessories.

Our masques are handcrafted in the United States. 

There are just some things that need to be made by hand and ours is one of them.  Our 20 step process ensures your masque will look great and feel comfortable for years to come.

Shopping 'real time' Inventory

If you see a photo on the website, that item is ‘in-stock’.  In-stock items are processed in 1-2 days and sent 2-3 day priority mail.  We offer a 2 day guaranteed service for an additional charge. 

It means things change quickly. 

Items sell out quickly.  It also means we are constantly designing and creating new things, so new items are always being added. 

Because of the limited quantities and vast color combinations, many of our specialty masques are one-of-a-kind.

Our ‘real-time’ inventory has some goodies in it too.  Some masques are signed by the artist and some are designer samples.  Some are the first off the production line and numbered as such.  Because every masque is handmade, there is something special and unique about each one.

We are only getting better.  We’ve been making our masques for 12 years and we are only getting better.  New designs, patterns, techniques, molds, paints, finishes......there are hundreds of ways to improve everything we do, and so with every production run, we do.  We expect our new website will help us promote fresh designs and painting techniques and service our clients and collectors better.  Thank you for your support.

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