Promotional & Logo Masks


A Memorable Product

Masques by their very nature add a certain energy and excitement to any event. In addition to your internal marketing efforts, the photos of guests in your logo masques will further memorialize an unforgettable experience. It will also mean that your brand is now on everyone's smartphone and can be easily shared again and again... It's far more memorable than a business card.

Marketing Potential

In addition to the photo memories, the physical beauty and quality of our masks results in them being kept and displayed for years to come. Each custom mask is handcrafted, beautifully detailed, and designed to last for years making it a truly special award, executive, or promotional gift.

No other promotional tool encompasses all aspects of Experiential, Buzz, Guerilla, and Viral marketing!


Let Karneval’s talented design team create a unique, custom masque for your next promotional, award recognition or fund-raising event. We can incorporate your company logo, symbol, team colors etc. to produce a truly special – and wearable – “keepsake” item for your customers, employees or honored guests.

Karneval also has the experience and production capability to help make your corporate, charitable or university event a success.