Nicole Keable

A bride commissioned a White Owl last week and this is the result!  The fit is extremely comfortable and the mask comes with a removable feather clip.  Available now on our website.  Also new this week:  Child Masks!  A steampunk version of our exposed mask, new Jester and Birdcage Veil colors.  Enjoy!

Celestial Mask (and other new goodies)

Nicole Keable

For the first time we are offering our Celestial mask online!  We've only had a very few of these available direct from our booth or our retailers in the past.  Oh, if only we could capture the depth of color in a photograph!  Sprinkled with an iridescent shimmer and completely sealed for easy cleaning.

Everything is in stock now!  New colors and a few new styles.  We've just completed a huge production run in preparation for Halloween, so use your coupon code and get your mask now!

New This Week

Nicole Keable

New masks are up on the website!  Every Tuesday we update our inventory, so what you see on the site, is what's available now.  New purple feather clips will be added tomorrow so be sure to bookmark us and check back often.

This week's new styles:  Canaletto, Da Vinci, Bio-shock Bunnies, a peach Designer Lace Fabric and Bull mask.  Don't forget to check your favorite masks for updated color options.  New colors/styles are available now in Peacock, Super Hero, Birdcage Veil, & Tapestry masks. Hope you enjoy!

Mermaid Mask

Nicole Keable

Every Tuesday we update our inventory with new products and designs.  Today we unveil our new Mermaid mask design in four different colors.  We’ve embossed our Demi mask to resemble scales, and added sea shell and pearl accents.  They go together perfectly with our Pirate and Caribbean Map mask.  Just in time for Halloween.

Look for our 20% savings coupon code on any one of our social media outlets or join our mailing list.

The Krewe of Karneval

Nicole Keable

Because when you order a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Karneval Masque we like to celebrate - you!  We love it when one of our masks finds its 'rightful owner', that's why we make our masks as special and unique as you.  Join our Krewe on Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook or Google+, upload your photos and masquerade with us!

If you haven't found your mask just yet, check our website and social media sites weekly for new additions.  Inventory changes quickly and we are always trying new techniques, so it won't take long for us to craft that special mask you've been looking for.

Ohio Renaissance Fair opens this weekend!  Stop by our booth for a special coupon code for website savings through Halloween.  If you can't make it to the Renaissance Fair, follow us on Social Media.  In celebration of the launch of our new website, we are offering this coupon code to our Krewe too!

Finding Old Photos Online

Nicole Keable

Launching our new website caused us to search for broken links and pages that were left scattered online over the course of 10 years.  What we did not expect was just how much fun that undertaking was going to be.  We have been finding pictures and links that we didn't know existed.  We have to say a very special 'Thank You!' to all of the photographers that spend their time on their passion at the shows with us. 


Welcome to our new website!

Nicole Keable

We hope you are enjoying our new website.  We ask for your patience while we are still 'tinkering' with the pages, but we think you will like the improvements.  Our new shopping cart allows you to order in-stock items in real time, whether we are on tour or in the studio.  Our new molds, new photos, new products, and new accessories are just the beginning. :)

Saks 5th Ave Event

Nicole Keable

Found some photos from last year's Sax 5th Ave event.  What an experience!

"Reign" Mask!

Nicole Keable

Our couture fabrics come from Rex Fabrics in Miami, FL.  We usually purchase the 'end of the bolt' laces from designers such as Valentino and Armani and can fashion a limited number of masques.  A few years ago we found a few yards of this Emanuel Ungaro beaded silk.  How pleasantly surprised we were to see this exquisite fabric on Queen Mary in the television series "Reign".