masquerade mask

Celestial Mask (and other new goodies)

Nicole Keable

For the first time we are offering our Celestial mask online!  We've only had a very few of these available direct from our booth or our retailers in the past.  Oh, if only we could capture the depth of color in a photograph!  Sprinkled with an iridescent shimmer and completely sealed for easy cleaning.

Everything is in stock now!  New colors and a few new styles.  We've just completed a huge production run in preparation for Halloween, so use your coupon code and get your mask now!

Mermaid Mask

Nicole Keable

Every Tuesday we update our inventory with new products and designs.  Today we unveil our new Mermaid mask design in four different colors.  We’ve embossed our Demi mask to resemble scales, and added sea shell and pearl accents.  They go together perfectly with our Pirate and Caribbean Map mask.  Just in time for Halloween.

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